• Watch Bartender Online


    Situated in the Ginza district of Tokyo is the Eden Hall, a quiet bar that few people manage to come across. It is run by the legendary bartender Ryu Sasakura, a genius at mixing the right drink for the right customer.
  • Watch Barudofôsu eguze rezoryûshon: Agein Online

    Barudofôsu eguze rezoryûshon: Agein

    Baldr Force Exe Resolution (OAV): Tohru Soma was a member of "Steppen Wolf", a group of hackers. The group decided to do one more hacking attack by attempting to hack into FLAK, a major military organization run by the United Nations to prevent cyber terrorism.
  • Watch Basilisk: Kôga ninpô chô Online

    Basilisk: Kôga ninpô chô

    No mercy will be spared to the enemy.
  • Watch Bastard!! (OAV) Online

    Bastard!! (OAV)

    Bastard!! (OAV): Several hundred years after Anthrasax destroyed modern civilization, a group of four lords plans to set this old god free once again. To prevent this from happening, a former ally of the four is released from his 15 year imprisonment. Dark Schneider, a sorcerer who once tried to conquer the world, now fights to save it.
  • Watch Basukasshu! Online


    On the planet Earthdash, its inhabitants gaze on its moon and the technologically advanced lunar city of Mooneyes with awe. Dan JD, a boy living in Rollingtown on Earthdash’s surface, gets caught up in Bigfoot Basketball — a fast-paced sport played with giant Bigfoot robots.
  • Watch Batman: The Brave and the Bold Online

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Batman isn't going at it alone this time! From Warner Bros. Animation comes the latest interpretation of the classic Batman franchise.
  • Watch Baton Online


    Baton: No description
  • Watch Battery Online


    Meet Takumi Harada—not even in junior high and he's the best pitcher in the region, although he's frustrated and ready to give up, because he can't find a catcher who is good enough to keep up with how he pitches in this backwater town his family has just moved to. Then along comes a kid named Gou Nagakura...
  • Watch Battle Angel (OAV) Online

    Battle Angel (OAV)

    Battle Angel (OAV): Doc Ido, a doctor and mechanic who lives and works in the hellish, postapocalyptic "Scrapyard", finds the - miraculously preserved - remains of a female cyborg in a junk heap. After he revives and rebuilds her, the preternaturally strong, amnesiac "Gally" begins to forge a life for herself in a world where every day can...
  • Watch Battle Girls: Time Paradox Online

    Battle Girls: Time Paradox

    Hide Yoshino is a normal junior high school girl. One day, she is transferred to a girl-only sengoku world. She meets Oda Nobunaga and happens to help Nobunaga's ambition to conquer the whole nation.
  • Watch Battle of the Planets Online

    Battle of the Planets

    Zoltar and his evil minions constantly attempt to either destroy or conquer the planet Earth. His efforts in this regard are constantly battled by G-Force, a group of 5 teenagers with high-tech vehicles, weapons, and a thing for bird-like costumes.
  • Watch Battle Programmer Shirase Online

    Battle Programmer Shirase

    Battle Programmer Shirase: also known as BPS, is a free programmer with super hacking abilities who doesn't work for money. What he does work for is certainly something that only people like him would appreciate.
  • Watch Battle Spirits 2015 Online

    Battle Spirits 2015

    Battle Spirits 2015 Project.
  • Watch Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Online

    Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

    An anime adaptation of the video game franchise by Platinum Games.  
  • Watch Beast Saga Online

    Beast Saga

    A Japanese Series by Takara Tomy that includes a dice game, manga series and an anime television series. It is similar to Takara's earlier Battle Beasts toyline.