• Watch Redneck Adventures Duck and Deer Huntin 2008 Online

    Redneck Adventures Duck and Deer Huntin 2008

    Watch out, Bambi and Daffy! Jim Bob and Stork are armed and hilarious, and they're huntin' for deer and ducks. The native sons of Natchez, Miss., bring their ample senses of humor, a lifetime of experience and loaded rifles to this exciting episode.
  • Watch Redo gâden Online

    Redo gâden

    Redo gâden: No description
  • Watch Regalia Online


    Sisters Yui and Rena live a peaceful life in the kingdom of Enastoria, but they become involved in a vortex of destiny when a giant robot attacks Enastoria.
  • Watch Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date! Online

    Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date!

    Yuuta Togashi suffered from chuunibyou while he was in middle school. When he graduated, he put that dark history behind him and forgot about it.
  • Watch Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date! Lite Online

    Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date! Lite

    Short episodes aired on KyoAni's official YouTube channel.
  • Watch Reideen Online


    Reideen: Saiga is a normal high school student with a gift in mathematics. His daily routine is disrupted when his family gets news that his Father's remains have been discovered- a noted archeologist and researcher who had gone missing while exploring a site many years before.
  • Watch Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage Online

    Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage

    In the anime's story, a comet falling will bring about a great calamity, and in order to choose a child fated by the falling comet, the family of the "Reiken" clan with a long storied history is once again resuming its entrance examination process to find disciples. The protagonist, who possesses a special soul that ...
  • Watch Relic Armor Legaciam (OAV) Online

    Relic Armor Legaciam (OAV)

    Relic Armor Legaciam (OAV): The planet Libertia was once known as “the planet of death”, until humanity built three giant mirrors and created what seemed like an ideal land. It is on this planet that Professor Grace and his granddaughter Alcia live peacefully… until their home is attacked by Guild soldiers looking for the professor and...
  • Watch Rescue Me Online

    Rescue Me

    (OVA)The story centers on Mizutani Masayuki, an ordinary high school boy. His classmate Shimizu Sayaka lives in his home as a zealously intrusive maid, leading to uncomfortably erotic situations.
  • Watch Revolutionary Girl Utena Online

    Revolutionary Girl Utena

    A handsome youth by the name of Tenjo Utena transfers to the distinguished Ohtori Academy. But Utena's true identity is actually a girl, who due to a certain event from her past, has decided to cross-dress in order to fulfill the highest of ambitions.
  • Watch Rewrite Online


    Kazamatsuri, a modern, well-developed city renowned for its burgeoning greenery and rich Japanese culture, is home to Kotarou Tennouji, a high schooler least privy to the place's shared values. Content to fill his pockets with frivolity, the proud and nosey boy whiles away his time pestering the self-proclaimed delinquent...
  • Watch Riddle Story of Devil Online

    Riddle Story of Devil

    The story is set at Myoujou Academy, a private girls' boarding school. The 10th year's Kurogumi class has 12 assassins with their sights on one target, Haru Ichinose. Tokaku Azuma is a recent transfer student who is also targeting Ichinose, but she gradually develops feelings for Ichinose.
  • Watch RideBack Online


    Ride Back is about a girl who is the daughter of a famous dancer. During one of her performances she falls and then quits her dancing career.
  • Watch Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Yousei no Door Online

    Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Yousei no Door

    "Fairilu" are fairies of flowers, insects, mermaids, or other entities that are born from "Farilu Seeds." All Fairilu are born with their own key, and they must search to find and open the door that fits only their key. Once the Fairilu pass through the doors, they mature. The doors are also related to the human world.
  • Watch RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ Online

    RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~

    Rin Asogi runs a private investigation agency in Tokyo's Shinjuku district, performing odd jobs ranging from finding lost pets to hunting rare stamps in order to get by. Yet despite attempts at a normal life, she finds herself constantly hindered by the strange cases that come her way, figures from her dark past, and her inability to die.