• Watch Save Me! Lollipop Online

    Save Me! Lollipop

    Save Me! Lollipop: Nina,thinking it was a lolly, swallows the Crystal Pearl. But the collection of the Crystal Pearl was a test for the magicians. To retrieve the crystal, a special medicine has to be made so now Zero and Ichii, the magicians, have to protect her from others while waiting for the medicine to be completed.
  • Watch Say I Love You Online

    Say I Love You

    Mei Tachibana has spent her 16 years without a boyfriend or friends. One day, she injures the most popular boy in school, Yamato Kurosawa, due to a misunderstanding.
  • Watch Sayonara zetsubô sensei Online

    Sayonara zetsubô sensei

    A pessimistic high school teacher must somehow manage a class of eccentric students.
  • Watch Sayônara, ginga tetsudô Surî-Nain: Andromeda shûchakueki Online

    Sayônara, ginga tetsudô Surî-Nain: Andromeda shûchakueki

    Galaxy Express 999 : anime
  • Watch Scan2Go Online


    SCAN2GO is an anime series about teams of kids who face off in an intergalactic competition using toy race cars. Central to the story is Team Jet, a foursome of novice competitors who have traveled from the distant planet Earth to take part in their first races.
  • Watch School Days Online

    School Days

    Based on the fully animated game by 0verflow infamous for its violent scenes. A shy and unconfident teenager has become very accepting at only stealing glances at a cute girl as they ride the same trolley each morning on their way to their high school.
  • Watch School idol project 2 Online

    School idol project 2

    The 2nd Season of the Love Live! School Idol Project TV anime.  
  • Watch School Rumble Online

    School Rumble

    Clumsy 16-year old Tsukamoto Tenma is in love. The object of her desire, the strange and silent Karasuma Oji, has no idea that she exists.
  • Watch School Rumble San Gakki Online

    School Rumble San Gakki

    A short 2 episodes attempt to conclude the series. Karasuma goes to America after then end of the third term. Will Harima finally confess? What will happen with Tenma and Karasuma?
  • Watch School Rumble: Second Semester Online

    School Rumble: Second Semester

    Continuing right where season 1 left off: Harima still likes Tenma but still runs into obstacles everytime he tries to confess his love to her. To complicate the situation, Class 2-D challenges class 2-C once again and there's a rumor floating around that Harima and Yakumo are dating as the school prepares for the cultural festival.
  • Watch Schwarzesmarken Online


    Schwarzesmarken is a spin-off of the Muv-Luv Alternative series, but the events takes place in 1983. The East German Army 666th TSF Squadron "Schwarzesmarken" (Black Marks) are a special-forces unit tasked with assaulting BETA forces through unconventional tactics; specifically, they target Lux and Magnus Lux to deny the BETA ...
  • Watch Scrapped Princess Online

    Scrapped Princess

    Scrapped Princess: Pacifica Casull is the most feared and hated person by the followers of the God Mauser. Known as the Scrapped Princess, she is the poison that will destroy the world.
  • Watch Scryed Online


    22 years ago, a bizarre uprising occurred in Japan's Yokohama region, destroying civilization, killing many, and causing the area to break off from Japan's mainland. This region came to be known as the "Lost Ground".
  • Watch SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Online

    SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors

    SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors: No description
  • Watch Sea Story Online

    Sea Story

    Marin and her sister Urin live in the sea. One day they find a ring fallen into the sea. They get out of the sea and meet a girl Kanon, the owner of the ring. Kanon tells them she doesn