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  • Watch Anitore! XX Online

    Anitore! XX

    No synopsis information has been added to this title. Help improve our database by adding a synopsis here.
  • Watch Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls Galaxy Online

    Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls Galaxy

    Second season of Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls.
  • Watch Nazotokine Online


    Tokine Amino works as a secretary for TEN2, an advertising agency. One day while cleaning the conference room, she is surrounded in light and finds she can't leave the room until she solves a puzzle.
  • Watch Hibike! Euphonium 2 Online

    Hibike! Euphonium 2

    Second season of Hibike! Euphonium.
  • Watch Brave Witches Online

    Brave Witches

    In September 1944, allied forces led by the 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches" successfully eliminate the Neuroi threat from the skies of the Republic of Gallia, thus ensuring the security of western Europe. Taking advantage of this victory, allied forces begin a full-fledged push toward central and eastern Europe.
  • Watch Yuri!!! on Ice Online

    Yuri!!! on Ice

    The show's story revolves around Yuuri Katsuki, who carried all of Japan's hopes on his shoulders to win at the Gran Prix Finale ice skating competition, but suffered a crushing defeat. He returns home to Kyushu and half feels like he wants to retire, and half feels like he wants to continue ice skating.
  • Watch Flip Flappers Online

    Flip Flappers

    Papika and Cocona hold the keys to open the door. When the two girls meet, their adventures in a different time and different overlapping dimension called "Pure Illusion" begin.
  • Watch All Out!! Online

    All Out!!

    In rugby, there is no ace striker, there is no number four batter, so who is the star of the team? The story begins at school entrance ceremony of Kanagawa High School where Kenji Gion, a small but gutsy go-getter joins the rugby club. He joins with his classmate, Iwashimizu, who has a complicated past and sub-captain Hachiouji, who always...
  • Watch Hip Whip Girl Online

    Hip Whip Girl

    Kaminashi Nozomi (17) is an exceptional gymnast. So much so that colleges with some of the best gymnastic programs are trying to recruit her.
  • Watch Miss Bernard said Online

    Miss Bernard said

    The story centers around a lazy girl's love for famous literary works along with her bookworm friends. Sawako "Miss Bernard" Machida wants to be well-versed in literature but she doesn't actually read those books! Encounter various prominent works including the Bible, The Tale of the Heike, The Great Passage, Fermat's Last Theorem and more...
  • Watch The Great Passage Online

    The Great Passage

    The publication of a new dictionary titled The Great Passage progresses. Mitsuya Majime, originally from publisher Genbu Shobo's sales department, has been recruited by Kouhei Araki, a veteran editor of the dictionary department who is looking to retire soon.
  • Watch Koneko no Chii Online

    Koneko no Chii

    The combined 22nd and 23rd issue of Kodansha's Morning magazine, which will go on sale on April 28, has announced a new 3D CG anime of Kanata Konami's slice-of-life manga Chi's Sweet Home. It is scheduled to air in Fall 2016.
  • Watch Drifters Online


    Shimazu Toyohisa, whilst involved at the Battle of Sekigahara, manages to mortally wound Ii Naomasa, but is critically wounded in the process. As he walks from the field broken and bleeding, Toyohisa finds himself transported to a corridor of doors, where a bespectacled man at a desk waits for him.
  • Watch Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Online

    Lostorage Incited WIXOSS

    A new WIXOSS television series set to air Autumn 2016.
  • Watch Haikyuu!! Third Season Online

    Haikyuu!! Third Season

    The third season of Haikyuu!!